6 Stock Footage Sites You Haven't Heard Of

We won’t name names, but there are a handful of stock sites that dominate the industry. OK, who are we kidding? There’s no way you’ll let us get away with being so vague. Let’s name some names. You’ve surely heard of Shutterstock, Pond5, and Videoblocks. There’s several others we could add to this list. Each of these sites have great libraries to choose from. They also have really strong search engines that allow you to narrow down your searches and quickly pinpoint the right clips for your project(s).

Yet as creators, we’re always on the look out for what’s next and what can help us level up our projects. So, we put together a list of some sites that are unique and different from the biggies. Take a look below. And if you think we missed one, feel free to write to our team and we’ll look into it.

Note: None of the links here are affiliate links, nor are we endorsing any particular site. We just thought this would be a helpful list to share with our community. Sorry, our legal friends made us say this. :)

  1. - This site caters to a very specific form of stock, all of the videos on here are 8mm or Super 8 home movies. The videos are all available in both 4k and HD. If your project calls for this type of footage than is your best bet with the largest collection 8mm and Super 8 footage in the world.
  2. FilmPac - All of the stock videos on FilmPac are 4k and come in comprehensive packs that are reasonably priced. Their mini pacs range in the number of clips, but for whichever you buy you’ll get at least a dozen clips starting at just $99. They’re currently offering a limited time deal where you can get access to all 87 pacs with over 4300+ clips starting at just $1499 (you can get a hard drive of all clips for an additional cost).
  3. Story and Heart - Have you ever tried to compile stock footage but end up with clips that look too disconnected? Story and Heart’s library is searchable by “stories”, allowing you to find groups of clips that have the same look and feel. You can also choose to search by keywords, mood, energy and even color so you can make sure any clips you use all have the same vibe.
  4. Film Supply - Similar to Story and Heart, Film Supply lets you search by moods, but also has several different other options to help narrow down your search results. You can search by category, people (number of people, age, race, etc.), setting (specific locations, time of day, indoor/outdoor, etc.), format and more! Each option helps make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.
  5. Bigstock - The allure to Bigstock comes in their subscription pricing plans. Unlike other sites which have a limited list of free videos for their members, or a limit to your downloads each month, Bigstock has options for subscribers to get 5 or 10 videos a DAY starting at $79 a month.
  6. Pixabay - If you find yourself looking for good quality stock footage but don’t have the budget for the big sites, Pixabay can help. They have a catalog of over 1.4 million stock photos and videos, the majority of which have no limitations on use, all for FREE. Letting you find what you need for your project, without having to break the bank to do it.



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