The global cinematic market place is bipolar. It is dominated by immense Hollywood studio tentpoles and choked by exercises in low budget exploitation. We don’t need anymore superheroes that wreak havoc on big cities and save cowering civilians.

We do need more super human stories that actively connect with worldwide audiences. Fortunate Falls’ films are universal, action-driven, emotionally compelling stories in all genres about men and women under extraordinary circumstances that expose humankind’s greatest hopes, fears and desires.

$35.00 - $55.00 hourly
Fortunate Falls Los Angeles, CA, USA
May 29, 2018
Contractor / Freelance
Looking for a 3D animator who has strong experience with Element 3D, C4D, and / or 3ds Max. Must have excellent skills with textures and shading. A large bonus if you have experience creating 3D objects that are compatible with Element 3D. Will work on ongoing projects as needed. Preference given to Los Angeles based animators. Remote work is possible.