MyBrainisRad LLC

have a Pitch BInder of a pilot tv show script, pitch deck and budget written out. My production team and I want to shoot a pilot to pitch to netflix, NBC, and FX. we have friends that work for these companies and can set us up a meeting to pitch a TV pilot.  First we have to shoot it, we have a DP on board with plenty experience who has plenty IMDB credit and is in the union, we need help to film a great pilot......... money........ any producers willing to find us access to money can be a part of a great tv show that will sell! let me pitch you my idea........ my production team needs to raise 270,000 

$1,000 - $4,000 monthly
MyBrainisRad LLC Hollywood Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, USA
Feb 12, 2019
Part time
Looking for a producer with money to fund a TV show pilot or has access to friends with money to pitch. we have a great pitch deck and script and written out budget plan. this tv show will change the world and is something that could sell and make a ton of money, in the right hands it has potential to be a great show. finding funding will give you a funder fee's negotiable, Producer Credit, and a opportunity to come on board with us when we pitch to a netwok like NBC FX or Netflix (which we have for sure meeting we can set up once we film the pilot)