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HWOOD dives into the the entertainment industry by interviewing the creators that work behind the scenes. Hosted by producer and director Jordi Matsumoto. Featured guests talk about their careers, the state of the industry, noteworthy projects and more.



Episode 9 - It All Starts With a Great Cruise Voice

On this episode Jordi speaks with Justin Nichols, the in house Casting Director at Think Factory Media.  Justin covers his history as a Cruise Director, his move to LA, his current role, and not trying TOO hard.  Reality TV is a huge focus here and Justin has tons of insight and perspective on this ever evolving industry.  Justin and Jordi also tackle the importance of diversity in the world of entertainment and how Hollywood can improve.  






Episode 8 - From Detroit to Hollywood

In this episode of HWOOD, Jordi speaks with Director of Production Dan Pellar.  The conversation begins by Dan talking about his unique history, how he got into the position he's in today, and the perseverance it took to stay in the industry he loves.  They then shift to where the industry is today, give advice for newcomers, and discuss how to progress in your career and leave a lasting impression. 


Episode 7 - When Your Agent Actually Cares

In this episode of HWOOD, Jordi speaks with agent and motion picture partner, at The Worldwide Production Agency (WPA), Louiza Vick. They start their conversation by breaking down the differences between a manager and agent. Louiza walks us through the career path that led her to working at WPA. They discuss strategies for career advancement in the industry, and finish the conversation with some advice for those who trying to land an agent and/or manager.


Episode 6 - Finding Your Tribe

On this episode, Jordi and co-host Jasper speak with freelance director and co-founder of Wrapal Brian Tan. They start the conversation with Brian explaining how he got his start in the film industry, notably "Tron Legacy" and "X-Men First Class", and his progression throughout his career. They discuss the most challenging aspects of breaking into filmmaking, how the industry is an attempt to commercialize art, and how digital is altering the industry as a whole. Brian gives his advice for making it and the necessity of a tribe to help you along the way. Lastly, they talk about the creation of Wrapal.


Episode 5 - Technically, I'm a Cinematographer

On this episode, Jordi speaks with cinematographer Dustin Pearlman. They start by first distinguishing the difference between a DP and a cinematographer before transitioning into discussing camera and gear choices for different projects, Dustin's Three R's for accepting a project, difficult projects he's worked on, new and exciting equipment, making decisions on equipment based on budgets, and working with big stars. Dustin gives advice for aspiring cinematographers and talks about how he was able to work his way up to a cinematographer from being a 2nd AC.


Episode 4 - What You Didn't Learn in Film School

On this episode, Jordi and guest co-host Jasper Grey speak with Shane Stanley, Emmy award winning filmmaker and author. They discuss how Shane started his career path into filmmaking by learning on an edit bay, time lines for developing films, the role of marketing, how technology is changing the industry, and industry standards for pay. Shane gives advice for aspiring filmmakers just starting their careers, talks about his new book "What You Don't Learn in Film School," and describes his favorite projects.


Episode 3 - Birdman Please Don't Kill Me

On this episode of HWOOD, Jordi speaks with Matt Marenyi a producer and co-owner of Human Element Productions based in Los Angeles. They discuss Matt's early career starting out as a PA, undervalued crew members in the production industry, the low budget commercial Matt did with Birdman, building budgets, advice for aspiring filmmakers and producers, and new technology in the industry.


Episode 2 - Starting at Entry Level

On this episode, Jordi speaks with Mark Lee an independent producer who first got his start working on "Terminator 3". They discuss one of Mark's first feature films "Entry Level," pooling investor funds to reduce risk on multiple projects, casting diversity, and bridging the gap between Hollywood and big companies through branded content.


Episode 1 - Life After Killing the Taco Bell Dog

On this episode of HWOOD, Jordi speaks with Dan Keston an independent producer and an executive producer at The Young Turks network. They discuss Dan's first Sundance Film, the mechanics of financing films, optioning scripts, Dan's early career, and the implications of VR and AR in the industry.