Matt Clements Jr.

  • Editor
  • Los Angeles
  • Nov 07, 2018
Full time Editor

Personal Summary

I've edited professionally in corporate and educational video for roughly 6 years, both in studio environments and in individual driven, at-home jobs too. I'm most comfortable in Premiere and with that After Effects as well for some light graphics and compositing. I learned in Final Cut 6 and have familiarized myself with Avid if the need arises. For the better part of the last two years, I have been an editor, post production supervisor and a digital operations specialist for Digital Product Studio. Now, I hope to get back to my passion of editing full time, though I wouldn't mind leading others as producer from time to time. Seattle is where I call home, though Los Angeles has been nice for the past year and change.

Work Experience

Editor / Post Production Supervisor / Digital Operations Specialist
Jan 2017 - Oct 2018 Digital Product Studio

I was first hired as an editor to perform quick turnaround, multicam edits of Photoshop lessons for a sub-company, Masters Academy. These videos included two cameras and screen capture with a single instructor leading the content in a college auditorium style presentation. I later was tasked with editing similar multicam content for other sub-companies, Meg Bitton Live and Sue Bryce Education. Meg Bitton led mostly outdoor photography classes with in the field students and anywhere between four to eight cameras capturing the action. These videos were much more dynamic and required great attention to the flow of action. Sue Bryce also would lead photography classes sans the class and typically much more studio focused with fewer cameras trained on her.

Supervisors noticed I had a knack for organization and leadership and asked to give me the larger responsibility of assigning work to other editors and guiding them through the editing process, overseeing QC and giving notes, and being the middleman between editor and producer. I took a great interest also in how we moved media around the company and created an organizational system for our cloud system where largely organization was not found.

At a point, it was decided I could do more for the company evolving our workflows and continuing work on our cloud and server storage needs. As Digital Operations Specialist, I would research new tools for us to use and advise how best to implement them having the knowledge of an editor's perspective and a grasp on everyone's role throughout the production process. This included project management tools like Asana, transfer protocols like Aspera and Signiant, as well as DAM/MAM solutions to make media easier for production to submit materials to post and for marketing to make reuse of materials to sell.

Jun 2015 - Jan 2017 Sierra Media

This small company was picking up a larger more tech focused client than they were used to and needed someone with a great interest in technology that was also green enough to mold which is where I fit in. A team of three editors including myself, a web designer, an associate producer and the creative director hustled weekly to create B2B video and multimedia content for clients like Fluke, Intel and other Seattle local operating businesses. We were a full production staff in that each of us editors also had a specialization on set. I often was designated audio though I would regularly find myself behind the camera as well. In pre-production of Intel projects, I wrote several scripts that would get punched up by an outsourced copywriter, but largely remained my own.

I developed a lot of my After Effects knowledge here, creating motion graphics and device screen replacements for phones, tablets and computer monitors. Since then, I've continued to increase my tool set in the compositing suite and love a new challenge.


Bachelor's in Communication - Film & Video Studies with a Production Speciality
Sep 2011 - Aug 2013 Central Washington University