Cesar Danniel Rodriguez

  • Production Assistant/Office Manager
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mar 04, 2019
Full time Production Assistant Set Production Assistant Production Coordinator

Personal Summary

In the 6 years, I’ve worked in this industry, I’ve strived to maintain the best work ethic possible to keep working with individuals and projects that inspire, motivate me, and give me the opportunity for growth in my field of focus. In my time working on productions I understand the nuances and dedication it takes to maintain and establish a seamless flow of work necessary to keep productivity going. If the printer isn’t working I’m not the type of person who will phone it in. I’ll take it apart if need be to make sure it’s working properly and if I have to drive to the closest 24 hours FedEx to print, to cut, hole punch, and collate all documents I’ll do it before you even knew there was a printing problem. If given the opportunity I’ll go the extra mile. I’ll build the shared Google DOC that has all the archived notes from previous meetings because I understand that sometimes it’s those little details that make life easier in the future. With me on board, you won’t just get an assistant you’ll get team player who hopes to make foundation stronger for everyone around so that team can do the best work possible.

Thank you.

Work Experience

Production Assistant

DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANT – Moonlight Film (Theatrical) — A24 & Plan B Entertainment

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (OFFICE PRODUCTION ASSISTANT) – Baywatch Film (Theatrical) — Paramount Pictures

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT – Ballers 2 HBO — Scripted (TV) — Chorri Perros PRODUCTION ASSISTANT – East Bay Sports Commercial/Ad — The Vault PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - TYCOON - freeform
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song


Film Independent

Venue Manager for the LA Film Festival 2018

Work with festival guests presentations to accommodate needs Communicating with another festival departments to complete needed tasks.

Jan 2016 - Mar 2017 Miami Film Festival

Coordinate and organize the run of show for the 2017 Google talks.
Work with festival guests presentations to accommodate needs Communicating with other festival departments to complete needed tasks.

Techplayground Coordinator
Jan 2015 - Dec 2015 FilmGate Miami

Coordinate and liaison with exhibitors during the FilmGate Interactive Festival. Coordinating with Hotels and various groups during the run of show.


English BA
Aug 2010 - May 2015 Florida International University