Ishan Mehra

  • Producer
  • Burbank, CA, USA
  • Mar 14, 2019
Full time Editor Producer Line Producer Production Assistant Production Coordinator

Personal Summary

I graduated from New York Film Academy with a Masters in Filmmaking which has given me the knowledge as well as the experience of producing, writing and directing but I also have some experience with editing, production and graphic design. 

So far in my career, the achievement I'm most proud of is being able to produce over 25 films in the span of 1 year. I have the imagination to envision what a script will look like after it is made into a film and to accurately judge the response it will get from the public when released. As a result, I have the ability to choose the best scripts for you.

I also have the skills to hire the staff and find funding for the films produced. I am a great negotiator and I have the ability to handle the terms and salaries of the staff to ensure you stay within the budget. My experience also includes supervising the production and making suggestions for the performers to enhance their acting. 

I am easy going with excellent communication skills, so I know how to motivate the performers to get the best results. To ensure the best productions, I will only approve the final cut once it meets the required standards. I also possess excellent marketing skills with the ability to promote the film to gain publicity and get the public interested. 

The enclosed resume will provide you with more details of my work history.

Here is a link to my reel for your consideration :