Griffin Kelly

  • Production Assistant
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mar 16, 2019
Contractor / Freelance Production Assistant

Personal Summary

I’ve spent a significant amount of time both on set and in the office, assisting on productions with Microsoft, COLOR Creative, and Mighty Media, on crews ranging from two to thirty. I’ve written, produced, directed, supervised scripts, decorated sets, crafted services, managed props, and wrangled talent, filling plenty of roles both above and below the line. Some of these projects were completed in service of my 2017 B.A. in Film Studies from Seattle University—where my comedy short, Meet-Cute placed first in the University Film Festival. Beyond a fundamental understanding of media workflow, my diverse employment experience means I’m comfortable both in an office and in the field (sometimes in an actual field). From front desks and postal work to landscaping and exotic animal restoration, I’ve learned to adapt, self-motivate, and excel in creative problem solving. Beyond technical experience, I am passionate about storytelling and its ability to take us through worlds that help us better understand our own.