Mayco Castillo

  • Editor
  • West Hollywood
  • Jun 10, 2019
Full time Editor

Personal Summary

From an early age, I immersed myself in the film and entertainment culture. After receiving a bachelor degree in arts and science at the University of Boston, I began working as a creative director/ producer. After completing a 10-part web series documentary in New Orleans,  After working on various shorts and music videos, I began working for DK Entertainment, an Internet SVOD based network. While at DK Entertainment I directed and produced more than 60 episodes on a variety of work outs and nutrition. My efforts increased viewership by more than 500% within the first two months of his start date. Currently, I am a Creative Producer/ Director working in the entertainment industry, developing and directing TV shows, short narrative films, and creating digital content for online SVOD. 

Work Experience

Jan 2017 - May 2018 Vivid Entertainment

Edited video content for various global companies. QC'd every project that went out before going to broadcast.

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017 MIH Entertainment

I was in charge of the production side of the company. I would write up proposals, schedules for shoot days. Shot list & rent out equipment. I would direct a small crew of 6-7 people on set from Audio to grips & electric. I would be in charge of data transfers on set, which involved taking the SD cards or any other media format and transfer them to a hard drive and make multiple copies to we don't lose any.

personal assistant/videographer
Jan 2012 - Nov 2016 David Kimmerle

I was in charge of keeping David Kimmerle's schedule up to date. making sure I get him on time to every event he was signed on for from Fitness Expo, and Arnold Classic, to simple TV shows like Ellen & local Newstations. I was also taking professional photos & editing them for his member's site. I was also shooting video & editing it for his YouTube & his website.


Digital Photography
Jan 2008 - Sep 2009 Boston University
Digital Filmmaking
Jan 2008 - Sep 2009 Boston University