Isaac Richardon III

  • Content Creator
  • Hillside, NJ, USA
  • Jun 12, 2019
Contractor / Freelance Composer Editor Motion Graphics Animator Music Editor Writer

Personal Summary

My name is Isaac Richardson III and I'm a content creator from Hillside, NJ. Recently, I have been freelance video editing at Troma Entertainment in Long Island City for content on their YouTube page. I have few short films under my belt, most of which I have been editor or assistant editor, not to mention director/cinematographer and writer.  Honing my skills on docu-style videos/vlogs, which I either done both the videography and editing or just the editing.

For over a decade I’ve done creative work in various aspects in filmmaking, storytelling and design, which has included (but not limited to) editing, motion graphics/animation, graphic design/art, illustration, traditional animation, music production and sound design. This work has mostly consisted on the usage of Adobe CC apps like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pro Tools, Logic X and more.


Motion Graphics/VFX/Editing (Reel):

Video Editing/Composing/Sound Design/Editing:

Work Experience

Filmmaker/Content Creator

I have been putting together short-films and video from about 2009 to present, collaborative and solo, sometimes for pay and other times for small stipends. Working on both the pre-production and post-production until the project is done. I've done some producing, writing, acting, directing, editing, composing and sound design/editing; I'm even credited as "key grip" on an earlier project. As long as I'm creating I'll play whatever role is required to help that project get done.

A few of those projects:

Video Editor
Nov 2017 - Troma Entertainment

I've been doing some freelance video editing for Troma Entertainment's YouTube channel. Here are a few examples:


Illustration/Graphic Art/Design and Animation (No Degree)
Sep 1996 - Jan 1999 The Kubert School
Art Honors
Sep 1991 - Jun 1995 Clifford J. Scott