Mariano De Luca

  • Cinematographer
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Jul 12, 2019
Contractor / Freelance Cinematographer Director of Photography

Personal Summary

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina I moved to LA in 2017, for a series of Documentaries that I've been doing in the last couple of years. Today I'm focus on growing my network and leaning more towards the Narrative content. I'm always Story-driven and always try to focus the cinematography on what is best for the story. Love to be a team player and push forward on every single project I'm in.

I started my career more than 15 years ago, after getting out of film school in Argentina and my first job was as an electrician. After that I started to build up my career going thru different positions, like getting to be a gaffer, and then switching to the camera department where I started as a Loader, then 2nd AC, 1st AC until I became a Cinematographer. 

Today I realize that all that experience made me understand how your team work, how a set works, being in all those positions made me understand my crew, and how to work side by side with them. 

I'm always pro active and love to put all my efforts in the completion of the project, from the very first moment in Pre-Production thru the entire process until grading and finishing. 

In the end what I love about what I do, is the most simple thing... to tell a story that can get to the audience and leave them something to think about.

Work Experience

Director of Photography
Jan 2004 - Jul 2019 Various Production Companies

I've been in the industry for more than 15 years, and shooting for more than 8 years. My background is mainly Commercials, Documentaries and Music Videos. But as today I'm trying to lean towards Narrative content more. Refer to my website or resume to see some of the clients or projects that I worked in.

I have been part of many projects for Spotify Studios, shooting content streamed in their platform, such as Viva Latino Playlist' s "RADAR LATINO" for artists like Maikel Delacalle, Greeicy, Vice Menta, Sofia Reyes; the show "Divinations" where artist from around the world gather around a Fortune teller that reads their fortune thru Tarot Cards; and also other content like the "Lista de Espera" series where they show venues around the world where amazing music festival or parties happen. 

I have a Feature Documentary Film that won awards around the world and also got into the rotation of Netflix. 

I won two Best Cinematography Awards, for a short film called "Alchemy" that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking
Feb 1999 - Mar 2003 UAI
Expanded Cinematography
Jul 2016 - Aug 2016 Global Cinematography Institute